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SCaVis release 2.2
12-14-2014, 05:26 AM
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SCaVis release 2.2
SCaVis release 2.2. is out. It is recommended to update version 2.1 since there were several important bugs in SCaVis IDE.

1) A new canvas HPlotXY for interactive data drawings
2) Support for jplot2d package, including SVG and SVGZ file outputs
3) Added 40 Java and Jython examples
4) A bug in ScaVis IDE that prevent Java code for running was fixed
5) SCaVis IDE was renamed. Several menu items are fixed
6) Online Java Documentation API was recreated
7) GUI Java API was corrected
8) Some changed in the description included in ScaVis IDE
9) Some menu in the "Tools" of SCaVis IDE were fixed
10) Several examples showing how to create custom layouts of plots
11) Export dialog to vector graphics picks up file extensions depending
on the file format.
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