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DataMelt is a free software for numeric computation, mathematics, statistics, symbolic calculations, data analysis and data visualization. This multiplatform program combines the simplicity of scripting languages, such as Python, Ruby, Groovy (and others), with the power of hundreds of Java packages.

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Supported programming languages

DataMelt languages

DataMelt can be used with several scripting languages for the Java platform: Jython (Python programming language), Groovy, JRuby (Ruby programming language) and BeanShell. All scripting languages use common DataMelt JAVA API. Data analyses and statistical computations can be done in JAVA. Finally, symbolic calculations can be done using Matlab/Octave high-level interpreted language integrated with JAVA. Comparisons of performances of these languages are given here.

Supported platforms

DataMelt programming

DataMelt runs on Windows, Linux, Mac and Android operating systems. The Android application is called AWork. Thus the software represents the ultimate analysis framework which can be used on any hardware, such as desktops, laptops, netbooks, production servers and android tablets. DataMelt is also available on Amazon EC2 cloud.

Portable and commercial friendly

dmelt portable

DataMelt is a portable application. No installation is needed: simply download and unzip the package, and you are ready to run it. One can run it from a hard drive, from a USB flash drive or from any media. DataMelt exists as an open-source portable application, and as Java libraries under a commercial friendly license.


DataMelt is a successor of the popular jHepWork (2005-2013) and SCaVis (2013-2015) programs. These programs have been under intensive development since 2005. DataMelt is fully backward compatible with jHepWork 3.9 and SCaVis 2.3.