AWork is an environment for scientific computation, data analysis and data visualization designed for scientists, engineers and students. AWork is an Android port of the DataMelt Java project and jMathLab Java project for numerical and symbolic calculations. It brings DataMelt Java libraries and Octave scripting to Android smartphones and tables.

AWork is a complete programming environment that can execute standard Java syntax and extends it with scripting conveniences such as loose types and commands. At the same time, it allows to use scientific Java libraries to perform complex mathematical and statistical calculations with scientific graphs.

Short description

The AWork project supports symbolic and numeric calculations using Octave-like high-level interpreted language. A similar desktop application is called jMathLab. For data-analysis using Java numerical libraries, it uses BeanShell scripting language, with the full access to Java API and DataMelt collection of Java numeric libraries.

How to install

The AWork application can be downloaded from the GooglePlay portal. Currently we support Android version 8+.

AWork documentation

See YouTube video with an introduction to AWork. It shows how to get started with AWork.

Read the AWork user manual for detailed description and examples. One can also view this help from the installed AWork application on your tablet: Open AWork application, go to "Menu", then "Preferences" and click on "AWork help".

Javadoc documentation

Javadoc of AWork provides you with a complete documentation of the packages included to the AWork program.

AWork user's benefits

If you have purchased the AWork application from Google Play, you will qualify for 50% reduction of the full DataMelt membership dues. Look at [Member login]

Bug reports

Do not hurry in posting bug reports on GooglePlay. Instead, register here You will should get a prompt response to your question.