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SCaVis 2.0 released
10-01-2014, 09:58 AM
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SCaVis 2.0 released
1) Redesign of locations of jar files.
Remove version information for proper automatic update.
2) Added support for Kohonen map neural net (Self-organizing map)
3) Updated Encog neural network. More example are added.
Fixed a bug that prevents from showing weights on NN structure monitor
4) Added support for the Neuroph neural net package.
Neural Net examples (in Python and Java) have been added.
5) Support for Waterloo Open-source graphics for scientific charting
6) jhplot.Wplot canvas based on Waterloo package
7) - a script to run SCaVis in a batch mode (without GUI)

S.Chekanov, jWork.ORG
September 28, 2014
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