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DataMelt 1.2 released - sergei175 - 07-13-2015 11:53 AM

DataMelt 1.2 was released. It contains major enhancements:

DMelt libraries:
1) Updated java libraries for matrix packages, such as lja4 etc.
2) Financial library finmath is a part of DMelt
3) Support for batch execution of Groovy, BeanShell, JRuby

4) One can view Javadoc description of any class, use this method:
from jhplot import *
where "obj" is Java object.
5) New canvas HPlotChart that allows to embed JFreeChart and provide
methods to export to vector graphics (EPS, PDF, SVG)
7) JFreeChart updated to v1.0.19
6) MS Excel files can be created using Python codding (or Java).
A number of examples are added.
7) All macro files can be executed as: # python test.groovy # groovy test.rb # ruby test.bsh # beanshell test.m # Octave

DMelt IDE:
1) Java API is integrated with the IDE. Use the mouse to navigate to the
"include" line and select "Java API" (membership support).

2) Fixed Java execution using the GUI examples (on Windows)
Read the installation instruction

S.Chekanov and others, July 8, 2015