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Full Version: SCaVis 2.3 is public
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SCaVis 2.3 was released

This is a beta version. The current work focuses on redesigning some
libraries to be able to provide commercially friendly licenses.

1) Bug in showing data in VHTable.
2) HTable was redone using the native java API
3) Vector graphics library was updated
4) Single-jar files were corrected
5) Multiple improvements in physics package
6) Jet clustering algorithms are added
7) Jython 2.7b4
8) Plus smaller bugs

The size of this distribution is larger due to a new jython 2.7b4 version.

The current version is also available as a "library"
under LGPL and other licenses that are friendly
for commercial usage.

S.Chekanov, jWork.ORG
March 8, 2015
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