The original author of DataMelt ("DMelt") is Dr. Sergei Chekanov who has started this project in 2005 at the DESY laboratory (Germany). At that time it was called jHepWork (2005-2013), and later - SCaVis (2013-2015). He is still making decisions about the integration of the DMelt core package with 3rd party numerical libraries. He releases the community version of DMelt by incorporating free scientific packages from more than 100 Java developers around the world.

DMelt users

The number of registered DMelt members is several thousand, with uncounted number of users who use DMelt without membership registration.


DMelt is a collective work of many people dedicated to open-source scientific software. We are grateful to many authors writing free scientific software for their dedication to science and open-source analysis tools. Please look at this web page for more information about packages included to this project.

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