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Class Landau

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    IDevManagedObject, IFunction, IManagedObject, IModelFunction, Connectable, FunctionDispatcher, java.lang.Cloneable

    public class Landau
    extends AbstractIFunction
    The function represents the Landau distribution. This class represents a Landau distribution, as approximated by the Moyal formula \[ Moyal(\lambda) = \frac{\exp{-0.5(\lambda+\exp{-\lambda})}}{\sqrt{2\pi}} \] See J.E. Moyal, Theory of ionization fluctuations, Phil. Mag. 46 (1955) 263. Note that this analytical approximation is too low in the tail. In order to allow for a fit, we define \[ \lambda = \frac{x - m}{s} \] with x the dataset variable. From Goddard GLAST ACD team (Fortran version)
    • Constructor Detail

      • Landau

        public Landau()
      • Landau

        public Landau(java.lang.String title)
      • Landau

        public Landau(java.lang.String[] variableNames,
                      java.lang.String[] parameterNames)
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      • value

        public double value(double[] v)
        Description copied from class: AbstractIFunction
        Provide value for your function here. Something like: return p[0]+p[1]*v[0]+p[2]*v[0]*v[0];
        Specified by:
        value in interface IFunction
        Specified by:
        value in class AbstractIFunction

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