Statistical comparison of two histograms (chi2, p-values)
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Programming language: Python
Topic: Statistics/Tests
DMelt Version 1. Last modified: 12/11/2015. License: Free
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from jhplot import H1D 
from java.util import Random

h1 = H1D("H1",20, -1, 1)
h2 = H1D("H2",20, -1, 1)
rand = Random()

# fill histograms sligly differently. Second distribution is narrower
for i in range(100):

#  compare histograms
d=h1.compareChi2(h2) # h1, h2 are H1D or H2D histograms defined above
print "chi2 / ndf =",d["chi2"]/d["ndf"]
print "p-value=",d["p-value"]

from hep.aida.util.comparison import *, h2.get(),'KS')
print"KolmogorovSmirnov  method=",r.quality() ,"/",r.nDof()