Documentation of 'jhplot.JHPlot' Java class.

Class JHPlot

  • public class JHPlotextends Object
    Show information about jHplot. Also keeps some global variables.
    • Field Detail

      • statusbar

        public static JLabel statusbar
      • ReadFile

        public static boolean ReadFile
      • Xpos

        public static double Xpos
      • Ypos

        public static double Ypos
      • timer

        public static Timer timer
    • Constructor Detail

      • JHPlot

        public JHPlot()
    • Method Detail

      • init

        public static void init()
        Initialization. Used by internal frames.
      • readInfo

        public static void readInfo()
      • showMouse

        public static void showMouse(String message,                             double X,                             double Y,                             double Xndc,                             double Yndc,                             int Xpix,                             int Ypix)
        Show mouse positions
        message - Message to show
        X - X in the user coordinate
        Y - Y in the user coordinate
        Xndc - as above in NDC
        Yndc - as above in NDC
        Xpix - X pixels
        Ypix - Y pixels
      • showStatusBarText

        public static void showStatusBarText(String text)
        Show a text on status bar for 5 sec.
        text - Text
      • doc

        public void doc()
        Show online documentation.
      • showMessage

        public static void showMessage(String text)
        Show a text on status bar permanently.
        text - Text
      • printVersion

        public static void printVersion()
        jHplot version information
      • getAuthor

        public static String getAuthor()
        Get the author
        author name
      • getVersion

        public static String getVersion()
        Get version information
        version information
      • getBuildTime

        public static String getBuildTime()
        Get build date
        build data
      • getCreatedBy

        public static String getCreatedBy()
        Get JAVA version used to create
        build data
      • getInfo

        public static String[] getInfo()

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