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Class H1DA

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    public class H1DAextends AdaptiveHistogram
    Adaptive histogram in one dimension (1D). This class implements a histogram that adapts to an unknown data distribution. It keeps a more or less constant resolution throughout the data range by increasing the resolution where the data is more dense. For example, if the data has such such a distribution that most of the values lie in the 0-5 range and only a few are in the 5-10 range, the histogram would adapt and assign more counting buckets to the 0-5 range and less to the 5-10 range. This implementation provides a method to obtain the accumulative density function for a given data point, and a method to obtain the data point that splits the data set at a given percentile.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • H1DA

        public H1DA()
        Create addaptive histogram.
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      • print

        public void print()
      • fill

        public void fill(float value)
        Adds a data point to the histogram.
        value - the data point to add.

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